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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 12, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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good evening and welcome back. i'm diane dwyer. uc police are investigating a deadly shooting. called to grizzly peak boulevard at 6:00 this morning because of a car accident. when they arrived they found a man outside the vehicle suffering from multiple gunshots. they couldn't revive him. he died at the scene. the road is still blocked due9 o the investigation. police have not released the name of the victim. >> the small town in calavares county is trying to come to terms with the news that a 12-year-old boy has been arrested for killing his -year-old sister. about the relationship between the two children earlier this week before the boy's arrest.
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nbc bay area kimberly is in the newsroom with more on that. >> leila mother told a sacramento tv station a daydl before the arrest was made that he could never hurt his sister. he was protective of hers. friends of the 12-year-old said they were shocked. they only saw him treat her with love and affection. the arrest comes two weeks after leila was stabbed to death in the home. the boy told police he found his sister's body and saw an intruder in the home which sparked a massive manhunt with the description he provided. today, good samaritan church were asked to pray for the family and the boy. >> i think we need to see him as a young man that certainly made poor choices and fell way outside the mark of what people
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would call human or humanity. but his possibility for redemption in jesus and our possibility for forgiveness is as great in the plus column as this crime is in the column of negativity. >> the pastor who also led leila's memorial service tuesday said now that there's been an arrest the healing process can begin in ernest. the calavares sheriff isn't releasing details or what led them to suspect the boy was involved. they do say it's ongoing with more than 2,000 man-hours already put into this case. in the newsroom, kimberly terry. >> a group organizeing a fundraiser for the family has canceled saying, quote, the committee that was going to put on the spaghetti dinner, bake sale and auction have decided it best that we cancel this event
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because of the hurt and anger in the community. we will continue to follow the story and bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. a northern california man is still on the run accused of killing his wife and two young daughters. 45-year-old shane franklin miller is suspected of killing his family last tuesday night in the small town of humboldt county. more than 70 law enforcement officers are part of the hunt in the rugged terrain in the rud 1ñ coast. police say miller grew upççñ an knows the region well. he's considered armed and dangerous. a human head in a recycling üu$e person had been dead for months, maybe even years. workers discoveredlp the mummifd skull wednesday. we still don't know if it came from a man or woman. no other human remains found in the area. >> new at 6:00 as planned openings of the eastern bayvc,ñ bridge draws ever closer, there
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are reports of new potential problems with the construction. the latest issue has to do with the rods at the base of the tower. nbc bay area's monte francis on treasure island with more. monte. >> reporter: good evening. this isf a separate issue from the broken bolts discovered in march. the "san francisco chronicle" reporting the new problem in the rods in the base of the tower of the new span. according to the chronicle caltrans recently discovered rods that could be vulnerable to cracking if exposed to hydrogen from rainwater or in the event of an earthquake. it won't be easy to test those rods because of where they are in the base of the tower. one of the big questions is whether this will end up delaying the planned opening of the new $6.4 eastern span on labor day. just in the last hour i spoke to the chairwoman of the metropolitan transportation commission who said the opening date is still very much up in
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the air. >> what is driving the date is the safety, making sure that we have the right fix. taking time to get the right fix and then be able to implement it. >> reporter: she says the mtc is scheduled to hear from caltrans and others on the proposed fix to all these problems may 29th. after that meeting she says they will have a better idea of whether the opening of the bridge will stay on track. i have semple calls in to caltrans and we're hoping to get a response from them later tonight. live on treasure island, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> monte, thanks very much. city of san jose, caltrans and union pacific railroad arw!0 al on board to clean up 13th street train tressel and others in the south bay. beginning tomorrow agencies will shut down sections of highway 101, 13th street ramp to spray over graffiti. caltrans has begun notification
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to inform drivers of the exact closures. cleanup scheduledkjo through wednesday. agencies working together to make cleanup more efficient and share cleanup cost. despite ankle injury warriors guard curry is set to hit the court today and fans are glad he did. >> lets bring in scott reese. scott, amazing game. >> no question. this has all the makings of a classic playoff series. they have played games, two have gone into overtime including today's at oracle. curry was on the floor and they needed him.  in the house, collin cappin kaepernick. he knows a good game. with 20 seconds, spurs had a chance with the ball. ginobli misses the shot.
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look at andrew, touching the ball, footoas÷ out-of-bounds. should be san francisco basketball but officials don't see it. we get an overtime. warriors own the overtime. curry working on a 22-foot effort. a gutsy performance on a bad wheel. warriors win by 10 and this series all even at two games apiece. >> i've been talking about this group all year long. i'm just so glad a national tv audience could see exactly what's taking place in the area. a bunch of guys -- like i said, this is the greatest group of guys i've been around. bunch of warriors, no pun intended. >> reporter: coming up in sports, a full report from oracle as well as giants highlights and we'll hear from tim lincecum who shut down the braves at at&t. for now lets get you back to diane and terry. >> thanks a lot, scott. fans of san jose's casino
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sounded after a dogfight of a game. teams tied two games apiece. wasn't an easy game to watch. warriors fans believe the team has what it takes to win it all against the spurs. >> i think they are going to win that game easy. try to keep attacking of that's the whole thing, attack. at win. >> and those fans are going to have a chance to do it again. another game in play tuesday night back in san antonio. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the warriors. there's a section on the website dedicated to the team.]-: go to and click on thebl- warriors versus spurb next at 6:00, some very courageous knkhr @r(t&háhp &hc >> i will never forget how much fun i had. >> a special mother's day for children battling cancer. what they got to do and why
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their parents say it makes a big difference. and the weekend wrapped up with temperatures close to 90 in some of the warmest places concord. but for the workweek ahead, we'll see temperatures much cooler than that as we're tracking changes in the workweek forecast that may include some wet roadways in a few spots around the bay area. tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that coming up. also a hunger strike now over. the issue that prompted this bay area group to fast for 11 day;j& a developing story in new orleans. tonight a mother's day parade rocked by gunfire. the latest on injuries when we come back.
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we're following developing news out of new orleans tonight. a gunman opened fire on dozens of people marching in a mother's day parade. police now say at least 18 people were hurt. that's up from 12 a little while ago. we were told most of the wounds are not life threatening. the victims claw jgc10-year-old girl reportedly in good condition after being grazed on the foot by a bullet. police say they have no motive. congressional republicans investigating the internal revenue targeting tea party groups ahead of the elections. told fox news sunday irs's intimidation of political groups is a problem. republican mike rogers says congress needs to figure out where it stops and who is involved. the irs has admitted to agents
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in cincinnati singled out individuals in the tea party while reviewing nonprofit qualificationswf admitting some groups were singled out and it has apologized. a group of activists together this morning ending a fast aimed at changing deportation laws. the bay area. aimed at bringing a human face to the immigration debate. >> there is more than 11 million and working here and helping to growing this economy. actually the economy of the world, because people sometimes j it's also improving other economies in other countries. >> the group says more than 1100 people deported every day separating families. they are calling on the obama administration to stop all deportations. the next fast is planned in florida. >> battling back against bullying.
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still ahead we meet one p.e. more than just fitness. a special mother's day for families with children battling cancer. we'll show you after the break.
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great america played host today to hundreds of children with cancer and their families. more than 350 families from northern california were able to enjoy rides, food, games compliments of the park. organizers say it's a day when kids with cancer get a chance to forget their struggles. it gives families a chance to meet with others waging the same battle. >> having a day like this and celebrating especially this weekend for moms is something different. it makes us feel like there is people out there that care for us. >> the american cancer society
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says because of major advances in treatments in recent decades more than 80% of children with cancer now survive five years or more. over the past few years we've talked a lot about bullying in schools. not just the problem but the solution. perhaps it's not one thing but many people. garvin thomas hebei area proud and a story of one such person. >> up and over. >> one look at dave hobson and it's hard to imagine he's old enough to have been at any job for 18 years. >> reporter: harder still when you learn that teaching isn't that job. dave had a two decade long career in the newspaper business first. a career but not a+ passion. >> no. that paid the bills, but this is what i really love. >> reporter: a physical
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education teacher is who dave always wanted to be and now is at carquinez middle school. >> i love it. >> reporter: maybe because he waited almost two decades to do it, dave was eager to make his mark, although he wasn't quite sure how, until one rainy day last year. dave was asked to pass out a survey to his students on bullying. >> real short, six or seven questions. i was amazed at what i saw. it's just scary. you think, wow, i can't let this happen. i've got to do something. >> everybody real quick. i need about 10 seconds to talk. >> one thing dave did was start a public service club at school, focus energy on doing good for others. it's an idea and a club that's taken off. in the past year they have made blankets for sick children and scarves for senior citizens. they have written letters to
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soldiers overseas. and on this day to aaron hern, the martinez boy injured in the boston marathon bombing. some weeks a full 20% of the entire student body comes to the club's meetings in dave's classroom. and the good vibes even extend beyond the campus. >> honk if you made someone's day. >> once a week before the first bell, students head up to the road in front of the school and try and make someone's day. >> i have a lot of feedback from people thatlz have come by and honked. morning. >> reporter: kids say the club is actually changing the culture of the school. >> there's a buzz, an excitement. >> reporter: in the end, it just seems that following your dream can end up making a lot of other people's days brighter. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> that is some serious positive energy going on right there.
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>> it really is. when people are honking at me, they are not sending me love. it's not love i'm feeling. >> get out of my way. >> lets check in with rob mayeda. >> we're seeing cooling changes around the area if you like positivity of sunshine in the forecast, there's plenty of that. eekend, highs close to 90, earlier around concord, livermore, but now down to 81 and 82 degrees respectively. 59 in san francisco, 74 in san jose. if you remind and compare this runningl]÷ cooler in our inland valleys, especially out toward the tri-valley in morgan hill, running 10 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. the sea breeze is starting to pick up. more importantly, in order for the ocean air conditioning to get going you need to see low clouds picking up on the coast. we're starting to see that now, held at bay. inland spots, 80s and 90s. not the case as we head back to the workweek, the same marine layer squished down by high pressure. it's going to start building overnight. the air conditioning is running all night long around the bay
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area. that marine layer is going to expand up to 2,000 feet when we wake up tomorrow morning, which means not only low clouds will spill in, cooler air keeping valley temperatures running cooler than we saw this weekend. tomorrow morning wet roads could be due to mist, around the peninsula or bay area. for the afternoon northwest winñ could clear out the coast. very interesting, the coast could see a degree or two of warming. it's inland areas that can see the cooldown of highs in the 70s to low 80s for the first half of the workweek. 50s outside as low clouds fill6 in. that should keep temperatures up overnight. during the day tomorrow, all day sea breeze should keep temperatures close to 80 degrees in san jose, down from the mid-80s and upper 80s. morgan hill, 83 degrees. livermore, 83. 85 in pleasanton. if you get up towards pittsburgh and fairfield, those are a few of the exceptions to the rule. we could still see mid to upper
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80s towards solano county. winds in the south, low 80s, low- to mid-60s down the coast as we go through the next couple of days. temperatures not changing a whot lot. tuesday maybe a slight uptick in inland dc6temperatures. wednesday, thursday, friday we should see numbers drop down as the sea breeze turns stronger. coolest days of the week thursday and friday.$ partly cloudy skies. next weekend pretty good timing here as we see numbers climbing again into the mid-80s. pretty much where we are right now by the time we get to next saturday and sunday. nice looking forecast there. >> rob, thanks a lot. we'll be right back. look at 'em.
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we are following a developing story in the berkeley hills where a uc police are investigating a shooting that left a man dead. roads blocked off tonight. this is grizzly peak near the lawrence hall of science. can you see the crime scene tape, the processing area, the truck. police on the scene, they were called out there about 6:00 this morning because of a car accident. when they got there, they found aup9an outside the vehicle suffering from multiple gunshots. they couldn't revive him e died at the scene. more information as it becomes available. the amgen tour started today near san diego. >> lets go, lets go, lets go. amgen, under way. >> there they go. thousands of cyclists will make their way north over the next several days to the bay area. for the first time since the
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race reviewed, it will go from south to north, livermore, san francisco, to name a few bay area cities. also for the first time mount diablo. more on sports and that incredible basketball game this afternoon.
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hi, everybody. scott reiss comcast newsroom. forget seating, experience, pedigree, the warriors have systematically eliminated the pedigreeathat, bounced have the nuggets, played mighty spurs dead even through more. >> reporter: david lee said they weren't the talented in the playoffs but his team had the best chemistry and character. the never say die warriors found a way to get the job done
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winning in overtime. they are confident they can win this series. >i1,2uz over come adversity all year. we have so many weapons. playing on one foot, amazing. carl going in there and getting four offensive rebounds. so it was a collectivehb. effor. he might have 20 rebounds, wasn't trouble. >> we're at home. we feel like we had a good enough effort and just needed to make a couple of shots to get ourselves going. wel% felt like we played good enough to win tonight from start to finish. it only showed at the end. >> it's very difficult to shake and rattle this team. that's something we can learn from a team like the spurs. they are the best at that, being consistent andoz[ showing that poise. we're getting better at it, and it's going to help us now. it's also going to help us in
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years to come. >> steph curry with game time decision, the point guard played 39 minutes with a bad ankle, finished with 22 points and six rebounds. he says he's looking forward to playing in game five in san antonio tuesday night. reporting from oracle arena, nbc bay area. >> lets do some baseball. giants looking to take three out of four from the braves. yeah, that will help. pablo going up top and out and slash down into the cove. theé sixth home run of the yea. there's a nice souvenir at the expense of staying dry. tim lincecum in the fifth, upton in the sixth,:g, juan francisco grounds out. they are dancing at at&t after a 5-1 win. >> whatever putting down is what i wanted to go to. again, the game plan, trying to
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stick to it and not sway. >>able to throw the ball to both sides of the plate, through the off speed stuff out of the zone and threw strikes at the right time as well. just really seemed to control the whole start. >> the a's rubber game of the three-game-set with seattle didn't go as well. mother's day in effect, see the pink. see the ball leaving the yard. three-run home run in the very first inning. it's 3-0 seattle. bottom seven, jason, off jerry blevins. mariners win 6-1 and a's finish their season long 10-game road trip 3-7. tiger woods wins players championship, waiting second round opponent, depends on who wins the game tonight. all about warriors game five tuesday in san antonio and what
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should be ané epic game six ba here on wednesday. >> when they win it. >> that's right. >> see you at 11:00. how does that sound? take care.
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